Sunday, 19 December 2010

Nice review at Popjunkietv

Just found this review of 'Shifting Sands' at Popjunkietv..

'There have been so many good new(ish) psych bands who have released fantastic albums in 2010 that I do wonder that there are probably loads of great bands who have slipped past my radar. Take The Sunchymes, a band brought to my attention via Twitter, who IMO are up there with Superimposers, Colorama, Moles and the others.
Shifting Sands is actaully the work of a fella called Aaron who hails from Northampton but spirtually resides a block away from Brian Wilson. The Sunchymes have mid to late 60s Beach Boys completely nailed (Aaron even sounds a little like a Wilson brother) and yet have wonderful songs that absorb other influences too - I can hear a bit of UK psych, a smidgeon of Jellyfish and even a little Teenage Fanclub.
The tunes on the band's debut album Shifting Sands are uniformly excellent. I especially the cars 'n girls ambience of Feeling Just Fine, the complex Surfs Up epic that is Hung Up on a Dream and Greenacre Lane and Free Rider the two most up beat songs on the album. I also love Aaron's enderaing habit of naming his songs after 60s classics (Hung up on a Dream, Shifting Sands and even Forever Chang(es)ing.He is apparently already hard at work on the follow up.'

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