Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Sunchymes appear on International Pop Overthrow compilation

Hi there

The song 'Free Rider' from the album 'Shifting Sands' appears on the International Pop Overthrow Vol 13 compilation on Not Lame Records. There's lots of cool power pop on it with about 66 tracks over 3 CD's. Its a limted edition release so get in there while you can!

The compilation is available directly from Not Lame:




  1. Loving the music (:
    I saw on this one blog, that you downloaded the original SMiLE booklet.
    By chance, do you still have it? I've been wanting to see it for so long..

  2. Hi there

    Many thanks for listening to my music. I think the blog page you are reffering to is

    I did nt download this but my friend has a smile bootleg with prints of the original artwork and this is where I have seen it. Have you tried the link on the above blog